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No Time to Tag items yourself?

Find a VIP Tagger to help you!

Available Taggers:

How it VIP Consigning works:

What You Do:

* Sign up with a Tagger: Reach out to our Available taggers below 

* Gather Items: Tips to gathering items: 

    * Pack same size clothes together (all 24m in one bag) 

    * Group items by categories (e.g., books with books, shoes with shoes)

     * Hang up clothing to save on supply fees * Check for stains, pet hair, odor, ect..

     * Only give your tagger items that are in season for the next sale 

* Schedule a Meet: Reach out to your tagger to set up a drop off 

* Payment: When you a use VIP Tagger from our referral list, there are no upfront costs. JBF deducts the payment of 20% on your sold items and any tagging supply fees. (These supply fees are set by the taggers) 

What Your Tagger Does:

* Tagging: Your tagger creates and attaches tags along with claim tickets.

 * First Sale Drop-off: All items are dropped off at the first sale.

 * Unsold Items Pickup: Taggers pick up unsold items for you! No need to come to pick up.

 * Second Sale Drop-off: Items are dropped off by the taggers for the second sale! (More opportunity to earn!) You can give your Tagger more items for this sale too! (If they have time and space)


 Presale Tickets As a VIP Consignor you get all the same perks as Do-it-Yourself Consignors. We will email you your presale tickets ONE week before the sale. So stay tuned for that email and save in your contacts to ensure you receive it) (1 Consignor presale ticket, 2 VIP for your besties and 10 Free admission tickets. These also also you and besties to get in early to shop the 50% off and 75% off sale!)

Tara Bowden*

Sussex County

Samantha Ward*

Seaford | Greewood | Georgetown | Laurel | Bridgeville

Rochelle Rockemann

Camden to Georgetown

Precious Brown

Dover | Middletown | Camden | Smyrna | Harrington

Ivana Maria*

As far north as Townsend as far south as Milford

Doretta Davidson*

Goldsboro, Galena, Wye Mills, Millington, Maryland & Hartly, Marydel Delaware

Brianna Jackson*

Harrington | Felton | Frederica | Milford | Greenwood

Breanna Manley

North Dover/Smryna

Brandie Sparrow

Kent County

Lauren Corlee*

Maryland- Cecil County. Delaware- New Castle County- Newark, Wilmington, Middletown, New Castle and surrounding areas

Taylor Smulski

Harrington | Felton | Frederica | Milford | Greenwood

Autumn Straume

Rehoboth | Milford | Harrington

Becca Timmons

Rehoboth, Lewes, Millsboro, Georgetown

Danielle Cook

Elkton | Newark | New Castle | Bear

Nikki Yoder

Sudlersville | Barclay | Chestertown | Middletown | Centerville

Morgan Aspinall

Middletown to Harrington



Elkton | Newark | New Castle | Bear


Rehoboth | Milford | Harrington


Middletown to Harrington
* Denotes that this VIP Tagger also offers Express Drop off Services. If you already have items that are tagged and just need help with drop off or Pick up they can help!!

Shannon Schmidt

Smyrna to Harrington

Tasha Esham

All Sussex and Kent County

Staci Edwards

Kent County

Rebecca Egbert

Newark, Middletown, Dover

Melissa Padgett

Rehoboth, Lewes, Millsboro, Georgetown

Melissa Levasseur Bennett

Elkton | Newark | New Castle | Bear

Maggie Carpenter

Rehoboth | Milford | Harrington

Kim Scarfo

Middletown to Harrington

Reduce & Donate

All items are marked for discount and donation. However, items aren't donated after the first sale due to our color-coding system.

Items Are Not Returned

Items given the to the VIP taggers are not returned to consignors. Returning items can be impossible task for the taggers as the items are sorted by category and not by consignor number. Many of the taggers keep the items stored safely away. So be sure you want to sell the items before giving them to the taggers.

Sales Reports

VIP Taggers can give you sales reports during the sale but this can be timely for them and is not required to happen during the sale. They will send you preliminary reports the week after the sale ends. Sometimes this can be delayed due to uploads of the sales so we appreciate your patience.